There are hundreds of ways to exercise and get into shape. You have to do what you love if you want to lose weight or if you simply want to stay in the good shape that you are already in. If you are into sports, exercise to stay ready to go is important. You can always improve your strength and stamina no matter how healthy you may already be. Running is something that most find they either love or hate. If you love running and have run for your entire life, you may end up with running knee pain. If you understand why this can happen, you can make changes to make your favorite hobby more enjoyable again.

Running knee pain can happen simply with age or overuse. If you are an older runner and you are experiencing a lot of pain, this may be something you have to talk to your doctor about. It could be that your joints are getting dried out and worn out. You could have damage that is reversible under the care of a good doctor. You will probably be referred to a specialist. Surgery is not always needed, but with certain conditions it can help. Aging is never easy, but that does not mean you have to accept pain as a part of it. See if you can get help.

Your running knee pain could just be because of the way that you run. If you have feet that are out of line, whether pigeon toed or a bit bow-legged, that could be the cause of your pain. Your spine could also be out of alignment, which is putting more pressure on your knees when running than necessary. Also, it could simply be that you were born with something that in the long run causes pain in your knees while running. If you have the same pain while climbing stairs, seek help for unusual reasons for your pain.

Where you are running can have a huge impact on running knee pain. Running on sand can be problematic for some runners and not bother others. Because the sand sinks, your foot and knee can twist just slightly as your body rights itself, causing damage. Running on concrete or pavement is also a problem for some people because of the shock that it puts on the legs. Think about where you are running and even how good your running shoes may be. Just changing these can help with your pain in a short period of time.

You should also consider changing the way that you run has an impact on your running knee pain. You may have to wear a knee brace to keep your knee in proper alignment so that you are not doing any more damage to your joints. If you are worried and seeing a doctor, you can try the brace and a pain reliever as a short term fix until your doctor can find out what is wrong and what can be done to help. Just remember that some damage can affect your legs for life, so if your doctor tells you to stop running for a while, you have to listen.